The Enchanting World of Blue Roan Horses

Oh, that Blue Roan Horse Let’s see what makes these horses so popular, or, should I say, envied by the pasture. Let’s dispel the idea of a royal blue horse. Blue roan doesn’t mean that they are a walking sky. It’s like someone painted a white horse with a brush on a black one – not literally but you get it.

It’s like roulette. This roan-colored gene is dancing on the black base coat. This gene isn’t limited to one color. It can also jazz up reds or bays, turning them into bay or strawberry roans. The blue roan is our star of the day, thanks to its beautiful silver-screen looks.

Breeding these beautiful beauties? This is like using a family recipe to bake – it can work perfectly some times, but you may get something unexpected. You only need one copy of the gene to create a roan. What if you add two copies? The foal can be in serious trouble at this point.

We’ll talk about the best things these horses can do – other than standing around and looking stunning. These horses are like Swiss Army Knives: they can be used for Western Rodeos and then prancing around an English Dressage Course the next day. Their middle name is versatility.

Time for history! Horse Instagram (Horsestagram?) is not the only place where these horses were discovered. Native Americans rode them for centuries, believing that their coat color gave them special powers. And back in medieval Europe? They would have been swarmed by knights because there is nothing that says “I’ve Arrived” like a blue roan.

Finding one of these rare horses isn’t easy. It’s not like ordering pizza. These horses are rare, but not as rare as unicorns. However, finding a purebred may make you feel that you have struck gold.

Care for them is a different story. You should think less about “letting them run around without any care” and instead “protecting their coats from becoming fifty shades of sun-bleached”.

Prepare to correct people who believe that your magnificent steed has just gone through a gray phase, or is rolling in dapples.

It can be a lot of fun and helpful to join clubs or groups that are dedicated to these stars from the silver screen on hooves. The blue roan club is a great place to share tips about how to keep that coat shining or just gush over their awesomeness.

Can we really conclude anything about blue roans, which are so cool? These horses are not just pretty faces, they have history in their DNA and versatility in their step. The grand adventure that is Texas living includes a lot of different changes. It’s all part of the grand adventure of Texas living)).

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